The World of Libera Terra

"Libera (Freed). Associations, Names and Numbers Against Mafia Organizations" was created on March 25, 1995 with the purpose of buttressing civil society in its fight against mafia organizations and with the hope of promoting legality and justice. Currently Libera coordinates more than 1600 regionally-based associations, groups, and schools

committed to constructing political-cultural and organizational synergies, synergies which will spread a culture of legality. Some concrete examples of Libera's commitments are: the law on social use of goods confiscated from mafia organizations, educational projects promoting democratic legality, activism against corruption, anti-mafia

training camps, work and development projects, and actions against exploitation. Libera is recognized by the Ministry of Social Solidarity as an "association of social advancement". In 2008 Eurispes (the most important Italian think tank dealing with social, political and economic research) declared Libera an Italian success story.

In 2012 "The Global Journal" put Libera among the one hundred best NGOs (non-governmental organizations) - the only Italian community empowerment organization present in the list. It is also the first non-profit organization on the list.

Libera. Associations, Names and Numbers Against Mafia Organizations - Libera Terra