The World of Libera Terra

"Cooperare con (Cooperating with) Libera Terra – an Organization dedicated to Cooperative and Legal Development was established in 2006. It began life as a non-profit organization involving several important cooperative enterprises tied to Legacoop Bologna. In only a few years the Organization

has grown from 25 to 74 associates with a presence throughout Italy. The objective of the Organization is to consolidate and support the economic-entrepreneurial development of those cooperatives that employ assets confiscated from mafia bosses, using shared know-how and

competences. This approach favors the continual exchange of best practices and information, allowing for the development of new coops, while guaranteeing continuing entrepreneurial quality. Key aspects of the project include: the coordination of the entire Libera Terra project; Libera Terra

standard setting and checking; support for start-up enterprises through shared business development plans; and professional training and selection.

Cooperare con Libera Terra - Libera Terra