The World of Libera Terra

LIBERA TERRA MEDITERRANEO is a non-profit consortium that includes the social cooperatives of Libera Terra as well as other operators that share the same principles. It was established in 2008 with the purpose of bringing together the farming activities of the different cooperatives in order to penetrate the market in a united and efficient manner. It is organized into different sectors, with,

among others, product/market divisions. Highly-qualified professionals from different backgrounds deal with the different steps of product merchandising. Libera Terra Mediterraneo coordinates the production phases of its individual cooperatives and oversees the transformation from raw materials to finished product, looking for the best way to boost its products' qualities and ensuring

economic value. Libera Terra guiding principle is always to stay true to its fundamental mission: the social re-use of confiscated property. The creation and safeguarding of farms with a promising future, which provide stable employment, is made possible by producing and selling the best goods, with outstanding price/value ratios. The pursuit of excellence guides every decision that has to be taken -

and one of the payoffs is to see the products sold in the most prestigious Italian and international stores.

Libera Terra Mediterraneo - Libera Terra